Making Jerky in a Smoker

The use of smoke is a great in adding a more natural and subtle flavor to your beef jerky. A smoker gives off that distinctive, woodsy taste to lean meats. Often, meat richness and tenderness is intensified. Smokers come in a slew of types and sizes with many different features and functions.

How Smoking Beef Jerky Works

Here are the basic steps for smoking and drying lean meat.

Smoking beef jerky requires low and slow heating. Before placing the strips of beef onto the smoker, allow them to slightly dry so the smoke will stick better.

Prepare pre-selected wood chips or charcoal for burning. Wood chips help in the seasoning process, creating a unique flavor for the beef jerky. Usually, maple, cherry, hickory, apple, or oak are popular choices.

During the first two or three hours, adjust the cooker to 160 ?F or higher. Use the vents in the smoker to keep the temperature consistent and within acceptable range.

Fill a pan with water and line it with tin foil to catch fat drips or juice from the meat, allowing you to easily clean up after. Smokers are often created to hold large quantities so you can make multiple beef strip batches and still have some leftovers.

Occasionally check the smoker to rotate the strips or to add more coals or wood chips. A smoky flavored beef jerky will be heated, dried, and cooked for 6 to 12 hours.

Concerns for Smoking Beef Jerky

There are some general concerns when it comes to using smokers. First off, choosing quality smokers can be overwhelming. Many consumers may get confused about smoker features, settings, and brands that are available out there. Other smoker units may have unsteady temperatures and do not seal tight. has good reviews for many smokers.

Also, a point in question is its portability. Most smokers are portable. However, electric smokers require a power source. Depending on where you will be using your smoker this could affect your choice.

Monitoring the temperature should also be done periodically in drying jerky and other lean meats, which takes an amount of waiting time.

Smoking Beef Jerky Benefits

Smokers do prove beneficial for those pining for that distinctive smoky flavor in their jerky. Smokers are efficient to use, affordable, easy to clean and maintain. Plus, they have large racks or chambers to hold several batches of beef jerky strips at once.
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