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Written by Jason Logsdon

How Can You Make Money with Google Web Stories

Welcome to my Web Stories Made Easy Quick Start Course! This is the sixth article and we will be diving into they various ways you can make money from Google Web Stories!

Now the million-dollar question, how do I get filthy rich?

Well, it's a little hard to directly monetize Google Web Stories, they are better at...

I said show me the money!

Simmer down there!

As I was saying, it's not easy to directly monetize web stories but there's a few things you can do.

You can always insert ads into the web stories themselves, there's a few different methods from external ads you sell yourself to Google's own network of Ad Platform ads, and even MediaVine soon.

That said, they don't pay very well, especially if they are anything like traditional AMP ads, and even MediaVine says not to get your hopes up.

That's a bummer.

True, but you can also use your web stories to promote products through affiliate links. As long as your story is a good story, Google has said they are fine with it using affiliate links to point to places to buy.

This would also work if you had products or services of your own to sell. Google Web Stories would be a great place to drive awareness of them.

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What about those Companion Stories?


Through Companion web stories you can drive traffic to regular pages on your website.

You can then make money from ads, selling products or courses, or through affiliate links. You get them to sign up for your mailing list.

But Google Web Stories are just getting started and content creators, publishers, and consumers are just starting to figure out the best way to maximize their value for all of us.

So experiment, see what works, and share it with the community!

I will! So what's next?

Well, that's about it for now! Make sure to check out our Google Web Story Resources page, but you're ready to rock!

But I'll Miss You

I'll miss you too!

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It's not the end, just the beginning!

Are there any ways you have successfully monetized your Google Web Stories? Let me know in the Makin Bacon Facebook Group or the comments below.

If you want to read some more about this, here are a few helpful links.

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