Written by Jason Logsdon

Jason Logsdon Interview with Food Blogger Pro

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I was recently interviewed by Bjork from Food Blogger Pro for their podcast. We talked about my experiences with self publishing my modernist cookbooks, how I got started in modernist cooking and blogging, and my tips for self publishing. If you are interested you can listen to the podcast on iTunes or Google Play Music. I had a great time and am really glad Bjork decided to have me on.

Jason logsdon headshot This article is by me, Jason Logsdon. I'm an adventurous home cook and professional blogger who loves to try new things, especially when it comes to cooking. I've explored everything from sous vide and whipping siphons to pressure cookers and blow torches; created foams, gels and spheres; made barrel aged cocktails and brewed beer. I have also written 10 cookbooks on modernist cooking and sous vide and I run the AmazingFoodMadeEasy.com website.
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