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Sous Vide Pinto Beans Recipe

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Pinto beans 7666438 1920

Sous vide pinto beans are a culinary marvel, elevating the humble legume into a luxurious dish bursting with flavor and creamy texture. By immersing the beans in a precisely controlled water bath for an extended period, typically around 24 hours, the flavors deepen and meld together, resulting in a velvety consistency that traditional stovetop methods often struggle to achieve. The sous vide process ensures that every bean is evenly cooked to perfection, retaining its natural essence while absorbing the rich aromatics of spices, herbs, and aromatics. The end result, whether served as is or refried, is a sumptuous dish that effortlessly pairs with a variety of Mexican-inspired meals or stands alone as a deliciously satisfying side dish.

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Sous Vide Pinto Beans Recipe

  • Published: May 15, 2024
  • By Mike La Charite
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 12.5 Hours
  • Cooks: 194°F for 12 hours
  • Serves: 4

Ingredients for Sous Vide Pinto Beans

  • For the Beans

  • 8 oz. dried pinto beans
  • 16 oz water
  • ~ 4 grams kosher salt (1% of water weight)
  • 1/2 tsp. Onion powder
  • To Finish

  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup Canola Oil (or garlic infused oil)
  • 1 slice onion
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Cooking Instructions for Sous Vide Pinto Beans

For the Beans

Preheat a Sous Vide Bath to 194°F (90°C). Put the beans, water and spices in a bag and use the water displacement method to submerge - but instead of sealing the bag, allow the open end to hang over the edge of your container. You can use a spoon to capture a bean every couple of hours to check doneness - they will take about 12 hours.

To Finish

Once the beans have finished cooking, remove them from the bath, drain them and mash them well with a spoon. Meanwhile, heat 2 tbsp. Canola oil in a pan over medium high heat. Once hot, place the onion slice in the oil and cook well on both sides to infuse the oil. Remove the onion, then add the still warm mashed beans to the pan. Add canola oil a little at a time until you reach your preferred consistency, then remove from the heat. *FLAVOR OPPORTUNITY: If you want to add even more flavor to your beans, use garlic oil! Cover garlic cloves with canola oil in a vacuum bag and cook at 194°F (90°C) for 8 - 10 hours. Save the garlic confit for use in many recipes, and use the remaining infused oil for your beans!

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