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How to Sous Vide Beef Skirt Steak

Skirt steak is a very thin, relatively chewy piece of meat that is full of amazing flavor. It comes from the short plate primal located at the belly of the cow, which is where flank steak and hanger steak also comes from. Skirt steak is often used in fajitas and is a popular cut in many South American steakhouses. It is also usually sliced thinly against the grain to try and cut down on the toughness.

The thinness of skirt steak leads to a few complications when using sous vide to cook it. If you are just going to heat skirt steak through, I generally recommend just cooking it in the traditional method. Usually they are seared or grilled for a few minutes per side, which is enough time to fully cook it, making the sous vide process unnecessary, and perhaps detrimental due to the difficulty of searing it.

The benefit of using sous vide on skirt steak is to cook it for long enough to tenderize it. This way you can enjoy the great flavor of a skirt steak without any of the chewiness. I often sous vide skirt steak for 12 to 24 hours, turning it into a tender, super flavorful steak.

Once sous vided, I chill the skirt steak in an ice bath for 5 to 10 minutes, then I quickly sear it for about a minute per side. It is now ready to be sliced and served.


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Sous Vide Skirt Steak Times and Temperatures

  • Steak-Like
  • Rare: 125°F for Time by Thickness (51.7ºC)
  • Medium-Rare: 131°F for Time by Thickness (55.0ºC)
  • Medium: 140°F for Time by Thickness (60.0ºC)
  • Tender Steak
  • Medium-Rare: 131°F for Up To 24 Hours (55.0ºC)
  • Medium: 140°F for Up To 24 Hours (60.0ºC)

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