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How to Sous Vide Beef T-Bone Steak

T-bones always look impressive and I love to gnaw on the bone at the end! They are tender and just need to be heated through, usually 2 to 4 hours for a single portion or 3 to 6 for a thicker one. Because part of it is tenderloin, they are more sensitive to overcooking than many cuts of beef.

Because of the tenderness of t-bone steaks they do not benefit from extended cooking as much as some other cuts. However, the strip side of the steak can be tenderized a little with slightly longer cooking times.

Depending on how you like your steak, choose the appropriate temperature suggestion below and select the cook time needed based on the thickness of the t-bone.

For much more information, see the entry for sous vide porterhouse steaks.

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Sous Vide T-Bone Steak Temperatures and Times

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