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Freezing is a common food preservation method that is used by almost everyone, gourmet chef or not. It works with lower temperatures and reaction rates, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms.

However, in the world of molecular gastronomy, freezing also serves as cooking technique that provides a unique way of presenting dishes. Better known as flash freezing, this modern cuisine technique involves the use of very low temperatures to quickly freeze food.

As a result it is possible to create fluid filled frozen dishes with solid outer shells. The process of rapid freezing is done with the use of a cryogenic system. Liquid nitrogen is a common tool employed in the process of flash freezing due to its extremely low temperatures and cooling properties. The liquefied gas reacts with the food that it comes into contact with and results in the formation of small crystals that solidifies food without affecting taste.

You can read more information about freezing from my guide on how to make freezing or from the freezing articles below.

Freezing Recipes and Articles

Freezing Technique

Freezing Technique image The modernist technique of freezing can be used with great effect in many types of cooking.

Sous Vide Freezer Steaks Recipe

Sous Vide Freezer Steaks Recipe image One of the most convenient uses of sous vide cooking is to use it to defrost and cook foods that come straight from the freezer. As long as the food is vacuum sealed you can take it directly from the freezer and put it in a pre-heated water bath. Just add 15-30 minutes to the recommended cooking time from the sous vide recipe and it should come out perfectly.

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