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N-Zorbit M

N-Zorbit M is a commonly used type of maltodextrin. As with all maltodextrins, N-Zorbit M is a fascinating ingredient that can turn oil and fat into a powder. It is also used to thicken and stabilize high-fat ingredients, and help other ingredients disperse by preventing clumping.

N-Zorbit M, is a sweet polysaccharide produced from starch, corn, wheat, tapioca or potato through partial hydrolysis and spray drying. Its natural subtle sweet flavor is often used to replace sugar in recipes because it has fewer calories than sugar and is easily absorbed and digested by the body in the form of glucose. N-Zorbit M also helps lock in aromas, making dishes more fragrant.

You can read more information about N-Zorbit M from my how to use N-Zorbit M guide or any of the N-Zorbit M articles and recipes below.

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Maltodextrin and N-Zorbit M

Placeholder Maltodextrin has the interesting ability to absorb fats and turn them into a paste or powder. Similar to how adding flour to water will result in a paste, maltodextrin first thickens, and then completely absorbs fats. It can also stabilize high-fat ingredients.

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