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Sous Vide Turkey Breast

Sous Vide Turkey Breast Recipes and Articles

Why Sous Vide a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Sous vide thanksgiving dinner 101 There are several different goals people have when cooking a turkey. They can't all be accomplished equally using sous vide so it's important to know what you are most concerned about.

Sous Vide Turkey with Charmoula Recipe

Sous vide turkey charmula side Until a year or two ago I had never heard of charmoula, and now I eat it all the time. It's a herb-based condiment that packs a huge punch and comes together really quickly. I used it to top a sous vide turkey breast and rounded out the meal with a sauteed vegetable medley.

Sous Vide Turkey Marsala Recipe

Sous vide turkey marsala side This sous vide turkey marsala recipe is a light and flavorful take off of a traditional chicken marsala. I serve it over grains and add some snow peas to bulk up the dish without making it heavy.

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