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Brian Thurber from Proud Pour

Placeholder Today I interview Brian Thurber, the Co-CEO of Proud Pour, a wine creator with a huge focus on giving back to help build up the environment.

Dailey Crafton from Levenaut Beer Company

Placeholder Dailey Crafton is from Levenaut Beer Company and I heard him speak at Taste Talks Brooklyn on a panel about fermentation. I've done a little home brewing, mainly as the helper for my friend, and I was fascinated by Dailey's approach to brewing. He takes full advantage of wild yeast, which is pretty incredible.

Chris Young from ChefSteps

Placeholder This interview with Chris Young from ChefSteps covers the joule sous vide circulator, his time with Modernist Cuisine and the story behind ChefSteps.

Museum of Food and Drink Grand Opening

Placeholder The Museum of Food and Drink in Brooklyn is filled with historical and interactive exhibit dealing with the creation of flavor and scents. It's worth a trip if you are in the area!

Brooklyn's Breuckelen Distillery Creates Unique Local Spirits

Placeholder Brooklyn's Breuckelen Distillery creates unique local spirits including gin and whiskey with ingredients all sourced from Brooklyn and New York City.

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