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Chuck Steak

Information for Chuck Steak

Cut Ratings

Flavor 4 star rating
Tenderness 2 star rating
Value 2 star rating
Leanness 3 star rating

Typical Cooking Methods

Braise, Stew

Other Names for Chuck Steak

Center chuck steak, beef chuck 7-bone steak

Good Substitutes for Chuck Steak

Top blade steak, under blade steak

Traditional Dishes for Chuck Steak

Beef stew, pot roasts

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Description of Chuck Steak

Chuck steaks are a thinner cut of chuck roast, which is cut from the shoulder of the cow.

Chuck is synonymous with shoulder and often used interchangeably when identifying cuts of meat. These types of steaks can have bones or be boneless. 7-bone steak is a common reference to this steak because the bone is in the shape of the number 7 (not because it has 7 bones).

Like most cuts from the shoulder, chuck steaks are best when cooked using a moist heat cooking method such as stewing or braising. Chuck steaks can be grilled or broiled only if they have been properly marinated. Marinating allows this tougher cut of meat to become tender while cooking. Chuck steak is often used as the cubes in beef stew and is considered the best cut to use for ground beef because of its fat to muscle ratio.

In the United Kingdom, the chuck steak is known as "braising steak". Thickly cut chuck steaks can be used as pot roasts. Because of its rich flavor, beef chuck is often used in chili; chuck stays moist after longer cooking times as opposed to sirloin which can dry out.

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