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Plate Short Ribs

Plate short ribs

Information for Plate Short Ribs

Cut Ratings

Flavor 3 star
Tenderness 2 star
Value 3 star
Leanness 2 star

Typical Cooking Methods

Braise, Grill, Stew

Other Names for Plate Short Ribs

English Style Short Ribs

Good Substitutes for Plate Short Ribs

Short ribs, Flanken ribs

Traditional Dishes for Plate Short Ribs

Braised short ribs, stew

Sous Vide Short Ribs Recipes

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Description of Plate Short Ribs

Plate short ribs refer to the ends of the ribs contained within the plate primal cut of beef (ribs 6 through 12). The name does not refer to the length of the ribs (yes, they are "short"), but from the short section of the plate. The plate primal is located on the underside of the cow's ribcage. This is the same section that the skirt steak is cut from. Because the plate contains a lot of connective tissue, these are best cooked by braising. They can be grilled and still flavorful if not overcooked.

Plate short ribs have a good amount of meat however; they also tend to have more fat than other short ribs. If cooked properly, plate short ribs can become fork tender and full of flavor. In fact, often the meat from the plate is used for beef stew. Braising allows the meat to slowly cook in liquid. This allows the connective tissue to essentially melt away giving the meat its flavor and tenderness.

It may seem like plate short ribs are a lot of work, or not worth the trouble to cook. They can easily be put in a slow cooker in the morning and ready that evening. The liquid usually consists of broth, wine, or tomato. Slow cooked vegetable can be added along with the ribs in the slow cooker. Though these might take longer to cook than other cuts of beef, these ribs are a rewarding treat!