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Tri-Tip Roast

Information for Tri-Tip Roast

Cut Ratings

Flavor 2 star rating
Tenderness 2 star rating
Value 2 star rating
Leanness 1 star rating

Typical Cooking Methods

BBQ, Broil, Grill, Roast

Other Names for Tri-Tip Roast

Sirloin tri-tip roast, Triangle tip roast, Beef loin tri-tip roast

Good Substitutes for Tri-Tip Roast

Shell roast

Traditional Dishes for Tri-Tip Roast

Pot roast, Stuffed tri-tip roast

Sous Vide Roast Recipes

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Description of Tri-Tip Roast

Tri-tip roast is found in the sirloin section of the cow. This section is located in the rear of the cow between the short loin and flank primal cut. It is divided into three parts- top, bottom and the end of the tenderloin.

Each cut's texture and taste depends where it is located. For example the top sirloin is found near the short loin so it is more tender in texture (Like the short loin cuts). However the bottom short loin is located near the end, thus it has several muscles that make it leaner.

The tri-tip roast is found in the bottom sirloin and is slightly triangular in shape. This cut is not only great for making roasts but also for steaks. It is famous for its spongy texture and mild flavor. You can recognize it easily in the butcher's shop thanks to it distinct triangular shape and boneless state.

Tri-tip weights around five pounds when untrimmed. When it is trimmed, you will find that it weighs around 1.5 to 2.5 pounds and would be around 2.3 inches thick. This cut is especially popular in California in the traditional style of called "Santa Maria Style."

This cut is coveted because it is economical and produces mouth-watering flavors when cooked right. You can also barbeque it, the trick is not to trim the fat until the roast is cooked with the juices. Then simply slice it thin so it doesn't taste chewy.

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