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Social Media Sharing Links Generator Tool

I often create content and want to easily make URLs where people can share it. I pass those emails along in my newsletters, link them up in articles, or send them to my podcast guests. But trying to remember what all the URLs are, and creating each one individually is always a hassle.

To help solve that, I created this simple tool that creates all the share URLs you need based off of the link and text you put in. It works with Facebook share links, Twitter share links, WhatsApp, and Pinterest share Links. As well as Add to Buffer and LinkedIn share links. It also provides the encoded URL, text, and title so you can use them directly if needed.

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Social Media Sharing Links Tool

Original Link URL

Share Text (Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest)

We recommend limiting your text for Twitter to less than 255 characters because the link will add 24 characters.

Pinterest Image URL (optional)

Share Title (optional, WhatsApp and LinkedIn)

Social Media Sharing Links

Facebook Share Link

Twitter Share Link

Pinterest Share Link

LinkedIn Share Link

Buffer Share Link

WhatsApp Share Link

Encoded Original Links

Original Link URL

Encoded Original Link URL

Encoded Share Text

Encoded Share Title

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