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Tribest Sousvant SV-101 Sous Vide Machine Detailed Review

Tribest sousvant machine 9

Surprise! Surprise! Another company has brought a sous vide machine to the marketplace. As part of our ongoing challenge to keep our readers abreast of the equipment developments in the sous vide arena, we are providing this review of the Tribest Sousvant SV-101 Sous Vide Machine

The Sousvant is an all-in-one designed unit with everything needed to turn out great sous vide meals. Since it is a water oven you simply need to remove the carafe from the unit and fill it with water. Replace it on the base, use the digital operator panel to set the desired cooking temperature, then press "Cook" to get it started. Next, put your sous vide bags into the carafe, snap on the lid, and you are on your way. It could not be much simpler.

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Amazon Prime Day Sous Vide Deals

Today and tomorrow there are tons of Amazon Prime Day deals. The deals all start at different times, so check out the specifics here. We will be updating this page as we go, but here are some of our favorites that will be on sale at some point during it:

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SV Homewares Sous Vide Magnets Detailed Review

Red magnets and box

Jamie at SV Homewares sent us a box of Jumbo Sous Vide Magnets to try. Jamie is a sous vide cooking enthusiast and entrepreneur who created SV Homewares to develop products for the sous vide space. He was also kind enough to provide me with some additional details and some of the justification for his design decisions in creating these sous vide magnets. I hope you find these interesting and beneficial as well.

Jason and I have been using these "red" magnets for a while now and they have turned into our "go to" solution to the how to prevent sous vide bags from floating.

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The "Bernzomatic" Name - Marketing Genius? - Not Exactly!

Bernzomatic logo

I always find it interesting to discover how the names of both companies and products have been developed. As a sous vider I have been using the Bernzomatic TS8000 for a few years now. During that time, I have occasionally wondered where that name came from. While doing some research for a recent review of that torch, I stumbled across some interesting information on the name that I thought I would share.

First, I will present how I speculated the name was developed, and then present the actual history.

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SO-VIDA Sous Vide Weights - Review

So vida sous vide weights 3

As sous vide cooking has rapidly gained popularity it has been interesting to see the new products that are continually coming to market. We try our best here at Amazing Food Made Easy to keep our readers up-to-date with reviews on these new products.

This review is on a relatively low-tech sous vide accessory - SO-VIDA Sous Vide Weights. We thank Will, over at SO-VIDA LLC, for sending us a package of three of these weights for us to experiment with.

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Disc Neodymium Magnets for Sous Vide - Detailed Review

Disc neodymium magnets stacked

This past Christmas, my wife Barb gave me a pack of 10 CMS Magnetics N45 1.5" x 1/16" Disc Neodymium Magnets. Since then I have been using them extensively when I cook sous vide. Now that I have gained some experience with them, I thought it would be beneficial for me to do a detailed review, sharing some of the things I've discovered. Hopefully, this review will be of use to you as well.

In this review I will provide information on a variety of related topics including: Neodymium magnets, the handling and storage of disc magnets, and how they can provide benefits when cooking sous vide.

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Amazing Food Made Easy Needs Your Help!

Jason logsdon headshot

If you are a regular reader and appreciate what I do here and on the website, please support by making a monthly support pledge. It only takes a minute and your collective backing will mean a lot to the future of I have a lot to say about it, but go check it out first, subscribe, and then come back. I’ll wait.

All signed up? Great! A couple of recent things have set this into motion, but I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. So here’s why I feel this is necessary now, in three interconnected main points.

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SO-VIDA Sous Vide Insulation Bands and Mat Review

So vida sleeve lg pot

SO-VIDA has introduced a couple of new products similar to the Sous Vide Container Sleeve we reviewed earlier. These SO-VIDA Sous Vide Insulation Bands and Mat are designed to cover standard cooking pots that are being used as a sous vide water bath container.

The manufacturer was kind enough to provide me with both the 4" and 5.5" versions of this product for free for this review. Here is my detailed look at the products.

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Mellow Sous Vide Machine Detailed Review

Mellow and phone

Mellow is the first sous vide machine which can also cool the water bath as well as heat it. This definitely sets it apart from all other sous vide machines on the market.

I was able to spend quite a bit of time with a Mellow that was provided to me by the company for free. This allowed me to run some objective tests on the unit and also to cook numerous items as well. I hope this article will help you better understand the Mellow, its strengths, its weaknesses, and if it might be an appropriate investment for you.

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Chatwin Crucial Knife Set Review

Chatwin knife 3 out

We were given a full Chatwin Crucial Knife Set to use and test out. I used the various knives for most of my cooking for about a month.

The short answer is that The Chatwin Crucial Knife Set is a uniquely designed, very cool looking set of knives. The knives are on the lighter side, comfortable to use, cut very easily, and seem to hold their edges. There were a few minor issues I had, so with the higher price it kept them from being a "Top Pick" but they are definitely a "Recommended" knife of ours.

Below are my detailed thoughts on them.

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Do You Need to Use an Ice Bath After Sous Vide?

One of the more confusing aspects of sous vide is whether or not to use an ice bath. There are times that using one is very important, times that it can be useful for flavor development, and times it isn't needed at all.

Because of this, people can take ice bath usage out of context and use it when they don't need to. Here is a detailed look at when you should use an ice bath, and when it doesn't matter.

When You Need a Post-Sous Vide Ice Bath

The only time you really need to use an ice bath is when you are going to store food for later and it has come right out of the sous vide machine. For example, you cook 5 bags of chicken breasts, eat one for dinner and put the others into your freezer, in the sous vide bags, to eat later.

Sous vide turkey thigh bath squareish
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Should You Put Butter in the Sous Vide Bag?

Sous vide pork chop tajine bagged2

There is a lot of discussion about whether or not you should add butter, oil, or other fats to your sous vide bag. Here's a look at some of the issues so you'll know how to maximize your flavor. The butter argument depends on what type of protein you are cooking, so I'll address meat and fish separately.

Should You Add Butter to Sous Vide Beef or Chicken?

When it comes to simple but flavorful food nothing beats a perfectly cooked steak with melted butter on it. Because of this, many people put butter into their sous vide bags to "flavor" the meat. However, there are a few things at play here, especially for red meat like beef or lamb, but also to a lesser extent chicken and pork.

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Is It Safe to Use Raw Garlic in Sous Vide?

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether or not it is safe to use raw garlic in sous vide. I figured I would address the concerns and go into a little more detail about the issue.

There are two key points when using raw garlic: flavor and safety.

Sous vide garlic

Does Raw Garlic in Sous Vide Taste Good?

The first discussion point with using raw garlic, and the quickest one to discuss, is whether or not raw garlic in sous vide actually tastes good. Most of us are used to adding raw garlic when we cook meat so it is a natural transition to start including it with sous vide.

However, there is a major difference between cooking meat sous vide and roasting or pan frying it, and that is the low temperatures used in sous vide. Because sous vide meat is cooked using low heat, any garlic in the bag won't actually "cook" during the sous vide process. This obviously affects the final dish because raw and cooked garlic have very different flavors. This is also true of any aromatics like onions, shallots, or carrots.

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How to Sous Vide Grains like Farro, Bulgur and Quinoa

For a long time I never bothered to cook grains using sous vide, they were just so easy to make on the stove...or so I thought!

A year or two ago I began eating oatmeal for breakfast most mornings, and the cleanup of the pot started to become a hassle. I finally turned to sous vide to try and solve it and I loved the results. Not only was there no clean up, I also didn't have to watch a pot to make sure it didn't boil over or dry out. And I could definitely use that help when I'm sleepy in the mornings and not thinking straight!

Sous vide oatmeal close raisin

From oatmeal, I branched out into other grains and now I cook the majority of them using sous vide. I just love the convenience and not having to worry about whether the pot is boiling, or too dry or any other factors.

It is also simple to mix and match grains in one container, as long as they cook for the same amount of time. This makes it easy to add some variety to my meals without much extra effort.

If you are interested in learning more about how to sous vide grains, then you can read more about it!

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Why is the Sous Vide Pulled Pork Temperature Different Than Smoking?

I'm new to sous vide and a little confused. I have smoked a ton of boston butts over the last 15 years and and my magic number is 203 for internal temp usually running 250-275 for 8 to 10 hours (no crutch). I used to cook lower and slower but the above mentioned seems to give me the best results on my smoker (nice bark, tender and juicy).

Back to sous vide. My question is why shouldn't I set my sous vide machine to 203 and run the same number of hours? Everything I have read including the article above has much lower temps. This doesn't make any sense to me since it seems you would still want to get to the same internal temp to get similar results.

If a shoulder is normally supposed to be cooked to an internal temp between 190-205 (see any meat chart) why would that be any different when cooking sous vide?

- Mick

Sous vide pulled pork cut

Thanks for the great question Mick! There's a lot that goes into this and I'll try to clear it up below. Most of it comes down to what you are trying to accomplish texture-wise.

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