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Animato Whipped Cream Dispenser Review

I recently tried out the Animato Whipped Cream Dispenser. The Animato whipping siphon is an inexpensive, but high quality charger that I really liked.

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Note: It's worth pointing out that I was given these siphons to test out for free. I've also chatted with my contact at Animato for a few years, since he is a part of the Amazing Food Made Easy community and has purchased several of my own products. That said, I'm always honest in my reviews, but I always want to be upfront with you!

For my testing, I made a agar-based mango-red curry foam, a nitrous oaked negroni, and a tarragon-caper infused mousse and the whipping siphon handled admirably during all three.

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How Much Does the Animato Whipping Siphon Cost

Most whipping siphons break down into the "Professional" siphons, which are usually the iSi Gourmet Whipping Siphon (retails for $100) or the Mosa Professional (retails for about $60). By contrast, the Animato only costs $40, putting it more in line with the other consumer based whipping siphons. If you are a chef and looking for a siphon you'll be using hundreds of times a night for the next few years, you may still want to look into the iSi Gourmet Whipping Siphon, but I think the Animato is a great options for home cooks!

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Animato Whipping Cream Dispenser Options

The Animato siphon comes in either black or silver. It is only available in the pint size, which I've found to be the what is that best whipping siphon size for most home cooks.

Build and Quality of the Siphon

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I really liked the way the Animato whipping siphon handles. It is heavy and feels very sturdy, especially compared to several of the less expensive siphons I have tried out. I especially like that the siphon is all metal, which is critical because I often use mine in a water bath to keep mousses and foams hot.

The tips did seem a little loose occasionally, but I never had any issues with them coming off.

After testing it for a week, I haven't found any issues with it, but I also know I haven't tested out the durability yet. Based on the Amazon reviews it seems to last a long time, except in a few cases where it was defective and replaced. I'll update this later if I run into durability issues.

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Included Parts

The Animato siphon comes with 2 types of cleaners, one for the nozzle and one for the siphon itself. It also has 2 decorator tips and a plastic floral tip.

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All in all I think the Animato Whipped Cream Dispenser is a great option for a home cook looking for getting started with whipping siphons. It has all the features I look for in a good siphon, including the ability to heat it, and it is very inexpensive. It's a Top Pick whipping siphon we definitely recommend.

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