Carrot-Ginger Soup Recipe

Modernist Cuisine was the first place I saw a good description of pressure cooked vegetable soups. The process is very easy. You first pressure cook the vegetable with some baking soda to create a rich, browned puree. Then you combine it with fresh juice, stock or another liquid and blend it together. Just heat it through and you're all set. You can also strain them for a more silky, refined texture.

Ginger carrot soup side

There are countless variations you can do because you can vary both the vegetable, the finishing liquid, and the garnishes. Here are some of my favorites that I've come to love.

Because these soups are so rich, I like to serve them in small amounts, which makes them great for hors d'oeuvres. I'll often plate them in a tall shot glass or a small bowl and provide a small spoon for people to use while they walk around.

For this soup, the spicy flavor of ginger really complements the super-sweet carrot flavor that develops in the soup. I like to finish it off with a little butter and basil and cilantro leaves.

You may want to remove the cores from the carrots before cooking if your carrots are not too sweet. The cores can be a little bitter. For sweeter carrots I find the bitterness helps to offset the sugar in the carrots.

For a more refined soup you can strain both the puree and the boiled juices. This helps to remove many of the fibers in the carrots. I personally like more rustic soups, and I hate to clean strainers, so I tend to eat them unstrained.

This soup has a very strong ginger flavor. If you want a more mild soup you can cut the amount of ginger in half and it'll still turn out really well.

Pressure cooked carrot soup

Don't Have a Pressure Cooker?

If you don't have a pressure cooker you can still make a good version of this soup. Simply replace the pressure cooking with roasting the vegetables in a 204°C / 400°F oven until they soften and start to brown.

You will have probably have to add a lot more liquid at the end due to the loss of moisture in the oven. The flavor profile will be a little different than the pressure cooked version but it still should turn out deliciously.

Modernist Tools, Ingredients, and Techniques Used

If you would like more information about the modernist techniques, ingredients, and equipment used in the caramelized carrot ginger soup recipe you can check out the following.

Also, if you are just getting started experimenting with molecular gastronomy and modernist cuisine then I highly recommend one of these molecular gastronomy kits. They have everything you need to do many different dishes.

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Pressure Cooker Ginger-Carrot Soup Recipe

  • Published: February 3, 2014
  • By Jason Logsdon
  • Prep Time: 30 Minutes
  • Total Time: 45 Minutes
Ginger carrot soup top

Pressure Cooker Ginger-Carrot Soup Ingredients

For the Carrot Puree

350g carrots, peeled
75g water
5g salt
4g baking soda
85g butter
35g fresh ginger, peeled and coarsely diced
1.6g coriander
1g cumin

For the Carrot Soup

Carrot puree, from above
300g carrot juice
100g orange juice
30g butter
8g hot sauce
1g ground cinnamon
0.8g ground cloves

For The Garnish

Cilantro leaves
Basil leaves

Pressure Cooker Ginger-Carrot Soup Instructions

For the Carrot Puree

Peel the carrots and roughly dice them. In a small bowl, combine the water, salt, and baking soda then whisk to mix thoroughly.

Melt the butter in the base of a pressure cooker and add the carrots, ginger, and spices. Pour the water mixture over the carrots and mix together.

Seal the pressure cooker and bring to pressure at 1 bar / 15 psi. Cook for 20 minutes. Once cooked, depressurize by running the pressure cooker under warm water.

Puree the cooked carrots until smooth.

For the Carrot Soup

Add the carrot juice and orange juice to the carrot puree and bring to a boil. Add the butter, hot sauce, cloves, and cinnamon and mix well.

To Assemble

Place the soup into a small bowl or serving cup. Top with the cilantro leaves and basil leaves then serve.

Pressure cooker carrot ginger soup bowl small
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