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How to Sous Vide Beef Chuck Roast

When cooking a chuck roast you have two main options, either make it tender and steak-like or cook it at a higher temperature to approach a more traditional texture.

Steak Like Chuck Roast

I love ribeye steaks but they are so expensive I tend to only have them as a special treat. Luckily for me, if you sous vide a chuck steak for a few days it comes out tasting almost as good as a sous vide ribeye, at only about a third of the cost.

In order to tenderize the chuck steak enough for it to be enjoyable you need to cook it for at least a day, and sometimes up to three days. I tend to do 2 full days but it will depend on the quality of steak you use. There will still be some fat you need to cut off, but usually not too much. I prefer to lightly salt the chuck steak before sous viding it but some people prefer to cook it unsalted.

Braise-Like Chuck Roast

If you want something along the lines of a more traditional pot roast-type meat you can increase the temperature. It's a wonderful cut of meat with lots of fat to render leaving a flaky, moist meat behind. Depending on the texture you are striving for, there are many different time and temperature combinations you can select to simulate a traditional-style roast. I usually cook it at 176°F (80°C) for 12 to 18 hours for a very braise-like texture or 156°F (73.9°C) for 18 to 24 hours, for a firmer, but still flaky texture.


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Sous Vide Chuck Roast Times and Temperatures

  • Tender Steak
  • Medium-Rare: 131°F for 36 to 60 Hours (55.0ºC)
  • Medium: 140°F for 36 to 60 Hours (60.0ºC)
  • Braise-Like
  • Firm but Shreddable: 156°F for 18 to 24 Hours (68.9ºC)
  • More Fall Apart: 165°F for 18 to 24 Hours (73.9ºC)
  • Really Fall Apart: 176°F for 12 to 18 Hours (80.0ºC)

Do you have experience cooking chuck roast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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