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Carrageenan Gel

Carrageenan Gel Recipes and Articles

Maple-Pecan Panna Cotta Recipe

Maple pecan panna cotta This recipe infuses milk with the great flavor of maple and pecan then turns it into a tender panna cotta dessert. The common modernist gelling ingredients of iota carrageean and kappa carrageenan are used to make the panna cotta portion; an immersion blender and a whipping siphon are both modernist equipment used to make this delicate ending to your meal.

Roasted Poblano, Corn and Bacon Bite Recipe

Roasted corn custard poblano pudding bites This great party snack use a crispy bacon base topped with a creamy corn custard and a spicy poblano chile fluid gel to make a rich and complex one-bite snack.

Poblano Iota Carrageenan Custard Recipe

Iota carrageenan poblano custard 2 This creamy iota carrageenan custard is full of poblano flavor and great as an addition to many different dishes. You can serve it alongside pork chops or pork belly, or even as a side with fish.

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