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Sous Vide Prime Rib

Prime rib is a name given to a prime cut of meat found in the rib area. The term prime rib takes its name from the primal rib from which the cut comes from. Despite the name, not all cuts of this type have a prime grading. Located in an area that requires less support for the cattle’s body, this cut tends to have less connective tissue and tends to have more marbling within it, naturally making it a tenderer piece of meat.

When properly cooked, prime rib will yield a tender and juicy meat that is top of the line. This may be prepared with the bone in and is usually referred to as standing rib; without the bone is known as rib eye. Traditionally this cut of meat is roasted, ideally with the inside staying medium rare and the outside well cooked with a crust. To achieve this, a long and slow roast with controlled temperatures is used.

To help make the process easier, sous vide can be used in place of the traditional roasting. It uses a similar manner employing the use of controlled heat and slow cooking. However, it does not require having to closely watch the prime rib. Through this process any fat and collagen in the meat is broken down, making it tender. With the meat being cooked in a vacuum sealed bag, all of the natural juices stay intact and the meat remains tender. Moreover, the process eliminates chance of overcooking which can ruin the meat.

Sous vide prime rib is held at 137°F or 58.3°C for 5 to 10 hours. The prime rib may be seasoned with desired seasonings, to help bring out the flavor and help the meat absorb it better during cooking. Once it is ready the meat can then be finished through searing, torching or roasting in order to give it that crisp and crunchy crust.

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