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Sous Vide Shrimp

Shrimp is one of the most popular seafood around. Despite the size of most shrimp, these pack a lot of flavor and are usually sweet with a mild to pronounced taste. Like many other seafood, the flavor and texture of shrimp is often greatly affected by high temperatures when cooked in the traditional method. The high heat causes protein denaturation causing the protein molecules to pack together tightly, toughening up the shrimp and making it lose taste.

On the other hand, lack of proper cooking may lead to contamination. With the low temperature precision technique brought by sous vide, it becomes possible to thoroughly cook shrimp without making it tough. The shells and heads of shrimp may be taken out and the body deveined in preparation for the cooking process. Tails may be left intact depending on what the recipe calls for.

In the same way as other foods cooked sous vide style shrimp should be at room temperature. When frozen shrimps are used, these must first be properly defrosted before being used for sous vide. This will ensure that the shrimps cook evenly and will also prevent any bacterial contamination.

Typically shrimps cook quickly and do not need to be prepped as long as other foods. High quality shrimp that is very fresh can be cooked at 122°F or 50°C. It should be noted though that full pasteurization may not occur if it is not cooked long enough. Non-sushi grade shrimp is best cooked at 132°F or 55.6°C. Since shrimps may vary in size, these are cooked between 15 to 35 minutes, depending on how big or small these are.

There is a wide range of uses for shrimp that has been cooked sous vide style. Since these cook very quickly and are tasty they make a great one dish meal or entree. These can also be prepared ahead and used for cocktails and appetizers, soups or added to salads.

Sous Vide Shrimp Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Ginger Shrimp Stir Fry Recipe

Quick stir fries are some of my favorite weeknight meals. They come together so quickly, and it's easy to add a ton of flavor to them. Plus you can use up whatever vegetables you have in the fridge! This stir fry has a great ginger bite to it and is rounded out with some fish sauce and soy sauce. I love to top it with sous vide shrimp, but it works equally well with sous vided chicken, pork, or even beef.

Sous Vide Poached Shrimp Stir Fry Recipe

I love a good shrimp stir fry, but sometimes the shrimp can get over cooked and chewy. Sous viding the shrimp ensures they are perfectly cooked without any risk of getting tough. Combining the sweet shrimp with a umami-filled stir fry rounds out the filling meal.

Corn and Mango Salad Recipe with Sous Vide Shrimp

Sous vide shrimp is always plump and juicy. Combine the shrimp with a sweet, spicy, and bold salad of sweet mango and corn mingled with jalapenos for bright bursts of flavor. A party favorite recipe. It would also be great with either chicken breasts or a white fish like cod, swordfish, or grouper.

Shrimp and Chile Queso Recipe with Sodium Citrate

This shrimp and chile queso recipe adds sodium citrate to a cheddar and Gouda cheeses to give it a modernist twist treat for any party. This dish combines sweet shrimp, rich melted cheese and spicy peppers into a a decadent sauce that can be served with tortilla chips, bread chunks or on fajitas or tacos!

Sous Vide Shrimp and Pumpkin Soup Recipe

While this recipe calls for many exotic ingredients they can be left out and the soup will still be very good. I've marked the ones that aren't critical to the soup as optional but I would try to add in as many as possible for the deepest flavor.

Sous Vide Shrimp Pomodoro Linguine Recipe

Simple and light is the key now that summer is in full swing and the gardens are putting out tons of fresh vegetables. This pomodoro sauce is a very fast sauce to make and makes great use of the fresh tomatoes from the garden. It really highlights the flavor of the tomatoes and herbs in it. Here I pair it with sous vide shrimp but it also goes great with chicken.

Sous Vide Shrimp Cocktail Recipe

I love a good shrimp cocktail and adapting it to be a sous vide recipe makes the whole process so easy. It only takes a few minutes to put together but it results in a fantastic appetizer that you and your guests will love.

Sous Vide Shrimp Salad

I love eating shrimp prepared just about any way imaginable. I love them poached and grilled and in ceviche and everything in between. When I was at the fish market they had some great looking shrimp so I decided to grab some with no plan in mind. Once I got home I checked to see what we had on hand and I came up with this sous vide recipe for shrimp salad.

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