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Sous Vide Strip Steak

Sous Vide Strip Steak Recipes and Articles

Simple Sous Vide Strip Steak Recipe

Placeholder Simple sous vide strip steak is quick and easy to do with your sous vide machine.

Sous Vide Bison Strip Steak Carbonara Recipe

Placeholder This sous vide recipe cooks bison then combines it with an egg-based carbonara sauce topped with sauteed fresh vegetables. It also works well with tender cuts of either deer or elk meat.

Sous Vide Steak Salad Recipe

Placeholder This sous vide recipe for steak salad is a different use of the sous vide technique. Instead of using sous vide to cook the meat for a long period of time, you use it to add perfectly medium rare steak to your salad. The thyme and garlic help add a little kick to the steak while the honey mustard dressing adds a strong flavor to the salad itself.

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