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Ultra-Tex is a modified corn or tapioca starch that is very similar in use to xanthan gum. Ultra-Tex starch is often used to thicken liquids without having to boil them, giving the finished liquid a mouth feel similar to one thickened with cornstarch or flour, but still preserving its raw color and flavor. When higher concentrations of thickener are required, Ultra-Tex is a better choice than xanthan gum.

There are several different kinds of Ultra-Tex that are modified in different ways. The most popular are Ultra-Tex 4 which is made from corn and Ultra-Tex 8 which is made from tapioca starch.

You can discover more information about Ultra-Tex from my how to use Ultra-Tex guide or any of the Ultra-Tex articles and recipes below.

Ultra-Tex Recipes and Articles

Turkey Bite with Gravy and Cranberry Air Recipe

Placeholder This recipe makes a fun party dish that combines turkey with a foamed gravy and a cranberry air for a great small plate treat. The cranberry air will last for 5 to 10 minutes after plating, so the quicker you serve this dish the better.


Placeholder Ultra-tex is very similar in use to xanthan gum. It can thicken liquids at most temperatures and often has a better mouthfeel than xanthan gum does at higher concentrations.

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