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Bottom Round Roast

Information for Bottom Round Roast

Cut Ratings

Flavor 1 star rating
Tenderness 1 star rating
Value 1 star rating
Leanness 1 star rating

Typical Cooking Methods

Braise, Roast

Other Names for Bottom Round Roast


Good Substitutes for Bottom Round Roast

Rump roast, arm roast or shoulder roast

Traditional Dishes for Bottom Round Roast

Pot roast, beef pot pie, beef stew, beef stroganoff and pulled BBQ

Sous Vide Bottom Round Recipes

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Description of Bottom Round Roast

The bottom round roast is taken from the round primal cut of the cow. The round section is the upper part of the cow's back legs. The eye round and top round are also cuts from the round section. Among the three cuts, the top round is the most tender one of all.

The bottom round roast is considered tough and mediocre in taste. However, the flavor of the bottom round roast can be greatly improved by adding good seasonings and cooking it well. Season the cut with ingredients like garlic, bay leaf, red wine, rosemary, tomatoes, and other stongly flavored ingredients to add more flavors to this cut. Traditional delicious dishes like stew and pot roast would not exist without bottom round roast. Plus the cut is very cheap! This cut can be refrigerated for four days.

The bottom round roast is best cooked using low and slow cooking methods which is the only way to truly tenderize this cut. One can slowly cook this cut in liquids like water, red wine, beef broth or a combination of different liquids. Fresh herbs like thyme and rosemary will add an irresistible aroma to your dish. Serve the roast, thinly sliced, so that every bite is less chewy and more flavorful.

An advantage of this cut is that it is lean and low in fat so people on a diet can enjoy it without worrying about their weight.

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