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Harnessing the Power of Pinterest with Meagan Williamson

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During today's interview, Jason and Meagan dive deep into unlocking the power of Pinterest and how the Pinterest algorithm actually works. It is vital to understand WHY people come to Pinterest and appreciate their journey. They delve into what to look for if you start outsourcing, and how to develop an intentional strategy!

As bloggers, we talk a lot about social media and growing our brand, but we often don't get the most out of each site. Pinterest, especially is known for changing up their algorithm and leaving bloggers frustrated and confused about where to turn. But luckily today's guest is the perfect person to help us out. I can't wait to learn from today's guest Meagan Williamson.

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About Meagan Williamson

Meagan Williamson is a Pinterest Strategist, niche marketing expert and OG Pinner. Meagan helps overwhelmed and confused business owners learn how to grow their audience with Pinterest. Unlock the power of Pinterest so you can level up and create a constant funnel of leads, sales and website traffic.

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