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Tools of the Trade: OptinMonster

One of the things that helps to easily sell to your Fans is having a solid email list. There are many ways to build your list, but one that we have found to be very effective is using a program called OptinMonster.

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OptinMonster can be installed with a simple line of code and it allows you to add multiple requests for people to sign up for your newsletter. You can set the requests to be keyed off of certain things, such as reading 50% of the page or trying to exit your website. You can also customize the requests in lots of ways, and they have multiple templates that you can pick from and make your own.

We have used OptinMonster to encourage guests to sign up for our free Exploring Sous Vide email course. During the last year nearly 10,000 folks have joined the course thanks to OptinMonster. It is a paid tool, but plans start as low as $14 a month which we have found to be worth it with the amount of traffic we have.

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If you are looking for a way to build up your newsletter quickly, OptinMonster is a great tool for encouraging your guests to sign up, especially if you have a compelling "content upgrade" or "lead magnet" to give away.

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