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Updating Content and Crushing Mailing Lists with Elizabeth Falcigno Podcast Interview

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No matter how long you have been blogging, you never have all the answers. This makes it incredibly valuable to talk to people who become successful using methods that are different from what you did. And that is one reason I'm so excited to talk to today's guest.

She has been blogging for 6 years, does photography consulting, food blogging consulting, and a is also presenting at the Everything Food Conference in Utah.

Last year she brought in 6 figures and is continuing to grow.

She is the perfect person to help us discover ways to take our blogs to the next level, so I can't wait to learn from today's guest...Elizabeth Falcigno from The Clean Eating Couple.

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About Elizabeth Falcigno

I focus on creating simple, easy to follow healthy recipes - many of which are paleo/Whole30. After blogging for over 6 years Elizabeth is now sharing her knowledge and helping people grow their blogs through coaching and her free weekly blogging newsletter.

Key Takeaways

Updating Old Content

  • Why you should be updating old content
  • What REALLY goes into creating a new recipe?
  • Why updating old content is so much faster
  • Why updating also helps google
  • Why updating slowly is the way to go
  • What type of posts should you try to update?
  • What should you update on the page
  • A checklist for updating pages
  • What to do with it once it is updated
  • Where to start?
  • Why first impressions matters so much
  • The types of posts to have on your blog
  • How do you let Google know?

Growing Your Email List

  • Why are email lists so important
  • Types of pages you can use your email list for
  • What can you put in your newsletters besides recipes
  • How long does email marketing take?
  • What content can you put in newsletters
  • How to reuse content
  • What is an autoresponder series?
  • Why welcome sequences are so important
  • What you need in your email series
  • How to get responses from your readers
  • How to use reader responses to create content
  • Why personal interactions are so important

Maximizing Affiliates and Sponsored Posts

  • How to find affiliates
  • How to be authentic with affiliates and sponsored posts
  • Why focusing on a few partnerships is better than a lot
  • How to promote effectively


  • How to increase ebooks sales
  • Turning ebooks into printed books

Using Your Skills for Consulting

  • How to find brands to consult for
  • How to approach brands
  • How to get free press passes
  • Places were brands tend to congregate
  • How to build up your resume
  • When to work for free effectively

Links and Mentions

Finding Best Pages to Update

(from Elizabeth)

Here's how you can find where you're on page 2 of google: In Google Search Console: On the left column, click Search Results

Tip: You can hover over total clicks, total impressions, average CTR and average position for an in depth explanation of what they are.

In the grey highlighted bubble, adjust to 12 months

Click Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Average CTR + Average Position so that all are highlighted

Scroll to the bottom and under 'Rows per page' adjust to 500.

Export to excel. In the top left (above the word Position) click the arrow. You can export to a CSV or to google sheets.

Using the spreadsheet you created before, add filters to the top row.

Sort your filter on Position to show: [Greater Than or Equal to 11, Less Than or Equal to 15]

These are the posts that you're on the top of page 2 for google. Update them accordingly to get yourself to page one!

If you want to read some more about this, here are a few helpful links.

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How do you approach this? Let me know in the Makin Bacon Facebook Group or the comments below.

Transcription of Elizabeth Falcigno Podcast

Transcription Coming Soon

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