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Sansaire has just announced their KickStarter campaign for the next iteration of their immersion circulator, the Sansaire Delta. Their campaign has also been fully backed already, with more than 900 backers so there is no risk of it not being funded.

With several of the other brands coming out with WiFi enabled devices I was expecting to hear something soon from Sansaire and I wasn't disappointed. The first thing that jumps out about the new unit is the unique design they decided on. Instead of the typical "stick" circulator, they went with a cool looking Δ shape. They say the end footprint of the circulator is smaller than the original Sansaire so hopefully it doesn't take up too much room in the pot.

Sansaire delta  angle.png

I also liked that the control panel has been moved to the front. This takes it out of the way of steam from the pot (some other brands have been known to short circuit due to steam) and making it easier to reach and change the settings on.

Here at Amazing Food Made Easy we have tested all the major brands and my original Sansaire is one of the two I regularly use at home (Gourmia is the other one I use, and my Dad uses the Anova regularly). I stuck on using the Sansaire because of the quick heating power and the quiet running noise (I'm in a small NYC apartment where the bedroom is 10 feet from the kitchen) so I was real excited to see the Sansaire Delta has a more powerful heater at 1100 watts. Most other circulators are much lower (the Anova is only 800), with only the Gourmia coming in higher at 1200 watts.

It also has WiFi capability, so if that's important to you you'll be all set. If you don't know whether it's important, you can read our article Do I Need a Sous Vide Machine with WiFi? to decide for yourself.

Sansaire delta  front.png

Note: If you are interested in more information about sous vide, you can check out my Exploring Sous Vide course, read my guide to sous vide equipment or our sous vide benchmark tests.

Sansaire announced their newest device with:

Sansaire's newest sous vide immersion circulator, the Sansaire Delta, will focus on connectivity through Wi-Fi capabilities and a new companion app. With its front-and-center interface, the Sansaire Delta transforms ordinary pots into quiet, precise, and elegant cooking devices This smaller, sleekly designed next-generation kitchen device brings professional-grade sous vide cooking to home chefs, and provides enhanced time/temperature control through the free Sansaire app (available 8/29 for iOS and Android) for tender steaks, juicy poultry, perfectly done veggies, and more.

I had the opportunity to chat with some of the helpful people from Sansaire and I was able to ask Valerie Trask, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, some questions.

Jason: There's currently several good WiFi sous vide circulators coming out on the market, what sets the new Sansaire apart?

Valerie: We've taken the time and energy to translate three years of experience in the market and feedback from customers into the best sous vide cooking experience possible. Utilizing the highest quality materials, we've made our device smaller, and added both a touch-screen interface as well as wifi compatibility with a companion app for the most seamless user experience - catering to various lifestyle preferences. We also hold ourselves accountable for being powerful (having higher voltage), quieter, and stylish enough to justify space in the kitchen.

Jason: What made you decide on such a unique design?

Valerie: We want home chefs to be proud of everything in their kitchen and so we put a lot of extra care into ensuring that our entire Sansaire product line is both practical and gorgeous. When it comes to sous vide, ordinary pots are transformed into cooking devices. We moved our sous vide cooker to the front of the pot so that it's both easier to use, and gets the attention it deserves. A big inspiration for us in this device has been the Greek Delta Δ symbol, representing change. It signifies an evolution of the market, technology, and even our company. If you turn our device to its profile, you'll see it even looks like the Δ symbol.

Jason: Now that you are on your second machine, what are you going to do differently this time around?

Valerie: Almost everything has changed in the past three years as we have grown from an idea on Kickstarter to a company that brings sous vide cooking to 70 countries around the world, has a robust product line, and caters to major retailers including Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, and We've learned a lot and we continue to learn and grow in every way as the company evolves. It's exciting, wonderful, and humbling.


As I mentioned above, the Sansaire is in a KickStarter campaign, and the current estimated delivery date in April 2017. So if you are impatient to get your hands on something now or for the holidays, you might want to look into their original model. But if you aren't in a hurry, and you're looking for a stylish circulator, the Sansaire Delta has a lot of promise. I'll have more updates as their official launch gets closer and I can get some hands-on time with one.

What do you think of the new Sansaire Delta? Let me know in the comments below.

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