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How to Sous Vide Infused Alcohols

Most alcohols are infused at 130°F to 160°F (55°C to 71°C) for 1 to 3 hours. The time and temperature used depends on the flavoring agents you are using. For more delicate flavors I usually use lower temperatures and shorter times. When bolder, or bitter, flavors are desired then higher temperatures and longer times are used.


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How to Infuse Alcohol with Sous Vide

Making an alcohol infusion follows the main sous vide infusion process, with a few tweaks.

The first step is to seal the alcohol and flavoring agents in a sous vide bag, Mason jar or other sealed container. You want to make sure it seals so the alcohol and aromatics don't escape during the heating process.

Sous vide apple pie bourbon 5

Step two is to put the bag or jar into a heated water bath. I generally infuse my sous vide alcohol at 135°F to 160°F (57.2°C to 71°C) for 1 to 3 hours. The higher temperatures will impart more of a cooked or bitter flavor and the lower temperatures are usually best for more mild aromatic or floral items.

Sous vide apple pie bourbon 8

The longer the alcohol infuses for, the stronger the final flavor will be. One to three hours is usually ideal for me, with a definite difference between the ends of the spectrum.

Once the infusion is done, take it out of the water bath and let it cool for about 10 minutes. At that point, place it in cold water or a water bath to fully chill the alcohol.

Sous vide apple pie bourbon 16

At that point it is ready to be used however you want! I will usually strain it though so I can easily use it in cocktails or other drinks.

Sous vide cranberry apple vodka 24

As mentioned, there are a few differences between this and a standard infusion.

Alcohol has a Lower Boiling Point

The first main difference is that sous vide alcohol shouldn't be heated above it's boiling point, which is around 173°F (78°C). Because of this, alcohol is much more volatile than water or vinegar, and if heated above 173°F (78°C) it can very quickly cause bags (or even Mason jars) to burst. Because of this, I usually max out alcohol at 150°F to 160°F (65°C to 71°C) just to be on the safe side.

Alcohol is More Volatile

Another difference is that because it is more volatile, it is very important to chill the infusion once it is done sous viding. It's always important for infusions to lock in the flavor, but for alcohol infusions it is even more critical.

What Types of Alcohol Infuse Best?

Base spirits like vodka, whiskey, and rum are the most common alcohols to infuse but traditional infusions can be done on any spirit with a high alcohol percentage. Using the sous vide or whipping siphon methods allows even high-sugar liqueurs or quick-to-fade wines to be safely infused. The liquors retain their existing flavors so the bolder the liquor is, the less the flavoring agents will impact the final taste of the infusion.

Mint chocolate infused vodka2

Because of this, vodka or another neutral spirit such as Everclear are often used for infusions because they allow the full flavor of the flavoring agents to shine through. White rum and silver tequilas are also very popular because of their mild flavors, which lend well to many infusions.

Once you move away from the milder spirits, the flavoring agents need to complement the base spirit being used. Infusing bourbon and dark rum can result in wonderful drinks but you should stick to ingredients that will work in tandem with their strong flavors, not against them. You will also need to use stronger flavoring agents because subtle notes can get lost in the deeply flavored spirits.

In traditional infusions, the proof of the liquor (the amount of alcohol present in it) affects the strength of the infusion. The higher the proof, the more flavor will be drawn out. Because of this, I tend to use overproof or 100+ proof spirits in traditional infusions. This effect is less pronounced in sous vide infusions and almost non-existent when using the whipping siphon.

My favorite application is to use infused alcohol as components in cocktails. The flavors add great complexity in both alcohol-heavy drinks such as a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or martini as well as lighter drinks like fizzes or sodas. You can also turn infused alcohols into liqueurs like limoncello through the addition of sugar.

Sous vide blood orange infusion 23

Most alcohol infusions will last indefinitely in a dark cabinet, though the flavors will fade over time. Some sweeter or lower-proof alcohol infusions will start to go bad more quickly though and should be refrigerated. In general, the infusion will last as long as the alcohol would by itself.

If you are trying to figure out what flavors work best in an infusion for a specific item, you can often turn to what flavors are in the classic cocktails for that spirit. It's an easy way to see what pairs and doesn't pair with a specific liquor.

Sous Vide Infused Vodka

Vodka is a great alcohol to infuse because it is so mild. It readily takes up the flavors of the flavoring agents, which makes it the most versatile infusing medium.

I almost always infuse vodka when I'm using milder flavoring agents, especially mint, basil and other herbs, lighter fruit or vegetables, and citrus. You can take the flavors in many different directions and almost anything works great with it.

Sous Vide Infused Gin

There are two types of infused gin you can make with sous vide, flavored gin, or homemade gin.

Flavored Gin

Flavored gin is where you take gin and add different flavoring agents to it. You want to be sure to use flavors that will go well with the gin, especially grapefruit or citrus, sour apples or cucumber, pine or peach.

I usually infuse my gin with a whipping siphon, because heating it with sous vide can occasionally cause the oils from the juniper to separate out, but here is a sous vide infused gin recipe you can follow, as well as 2 whipping siphon ones you can also make with sous vide by following the directions in the first one.

Homemade Gin

The other type of gin you can infuse at home is using sous vide to make your own gin. This process involves taking vodka or another high-proof, neutral alcohol and infusing the standard gin flavoring agents into it.

Different gins have different flavor profiles, but in general you will want to infuse it with juniper berries, which is the main addition in all gins. You can also tweak the taste in various directions through the addition of other flavors, some of the more common ones are lemon, orange or grapefruit peel, anise, coriander, nutmeg, or cassia bark.

Sous Vide Infused Tequila

Tequila has a nice in-between flavor, not too mild and not too strong, so it can be used in many infusions. It is also often drunk straight, so the infusion will stand out more.

For sous vide infused tequila, I often stick to classic flavoring such a lime, chile pepper, pineapple, jalapeno...generally citrus, spice, or fruit. You can look at classic tequila cocktails for more inspiration.

Silver tequila is best for the more mild ingredients because it is so neutral. When using aged tequila or mescal you will want to ensure that the flavors will complement the stronger tequila flavor.

I don't have any sous vide infused tequila recipes on my site right now, but you can use the following recipes as an idea and convert them to sous vide very easily.

Sous Vide Infused Bourbon and Whiskey

Whisky and bourbon has a much stronger flavor than the more mild spirits, which means you want to be careful when choosing the flavors to infuse. Sticking with the flavors commonly used in classic cocktails is a great start, but experimenting can be great fun!

You can also always use moonshine to pick up more nuanced flavors.

I also love to turn infused bourbons into liqueurs. If you like bourbon, I also recommend trying bacon washed bourbon.

Using Infusions in Cocktails

There are many ways you can use infusions in cocktails. My favorite is to use it as a base component by replacing the base spirit with an infused version of it. Just make sure the flavors complement the other flavors in the drink.

You can also serve an infused spirit straight up. I really enjoy this with my sous vide infused apple pie bourbon or my sous vide infused apple and pear gin.

Finally, they are great in liqueurs. Just combine the spirit with equal parts simple syrup for a sweet sipping drink. You can alter the amount of sugar to meet your own preferences.

Here's a guide that takes you on a deeper dive into using infused spirits in cocktails.

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Sous Vide Infused Alcohols Temperatures and Times

  • Mild, Uncooked Flavors: 130°F for 1 to 3 hours (54.4ºC)
  • Medium, Stronger Flavors: 145°F for 1 to 3 hours (62.8ºC)
  • Cooked, Strong Flavors: 160°F for 1 to 3 hours (71.1ºC)

Do you have experience cooking infused alcohols? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Looking for more infusions? Check out the sous vide infusions time and temperatures for all the sous vide information you need.

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Apple and Pear Sous Vide Infused Gin Recipe

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Apple Pie Sous Vide Bourbon Infusion Recipe

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Espresso Sous Vide Infused Bourbon Recipe

Espresso Sous Vide Infused Bourbon Recipe image Bourbon holds up wonderfully to the strong flavor of espresso and this infusion results in a rich, bold bourbon that can be used in many different cocktails. For a fun variation you can also add a vanilla bean or cinnamon stick to the infusion.

Black Cherry Sous Vide Infused Rye Recipe

Black Cherry Sous Vide Infused Rye Recipe image The fruity cherry notes in this infusion complement the spicy rye and tone down its bite. The cinnamon and clove also contribute background flavors to round out the infusion. The resulting infusion can be enjoyed over ice or mixed into cocktails.

Arnold Palmer Sous Vide Infused Vodka Recipe

Arnold Palmer Sous Vide Infused Vodka Recipe image I like to mimic an Arnold Palmer by infusing vodka with the lemon and tea flavors, resulting in a flavorful addition to drinks on a hot day. I infuse the lemons first to fully extract their flavors, then add the tea near the end to minimize the bitterness that can be released.

Sous Vide Spiced Ground Cherry Infused Vodka Recipe

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Sous Vide Chile Tomato Infused Vodka Recipe

Sous Vide Chile Tomato Infused Vodka Recipe image This recipe uses guajillo and chipotle chiles to infuse the vodka with smokey and spicy flavors that complement most Bloody Mary mixes. This vodka is very spicy and made to be mixed but it can be tweaked for a mellow, sipping style infusion.

Sous Vide Orange Vanilla Infused Vodka Recipe

Sous Vide Orange Vanilla Infused Vodka Recipe image The resulting vodka from this orange and vanilla sous vide infusion is citrusy with a deep vanilla backbone. It is awesome in a martini but my favorite is in a Creamsicle, a rich and creamy dessert cocktail.

White Sangria Infused Wine Recipe

White Sangria Infused Wine Recipe image White sangria infused wine is a popular fruity, sweet refreshment. Using the whipping siphon infusion process makes the wine more robust because all the flavor from the fruits is extracted.

Grapefruit Tonic Infused Gin Recipe

Grapefruit Tonic Infused Gin Recipe image I use a whipping siphon process to quickly infuse gin with tonic flavors, resulting in a tart alcohol that isn't watered down. Infusing grapefruit adds acidity and citrus notes while cinchona bark adds the quinine tonic flavor.

Cucumber and Sour Apple Infused Gin Recipe

Cucumber and Sour Apple Infused Gin Recipe image This infusion adds the sweet and tart subtle flavors of cucumber and sour apples to the natural gin taste of juniper and herbs. Enjoy this infused gin over ice with club soda or just a splash of tonic water!

Pineapple Kiwi Infused Tequila Recipe

Pineapple Kiwi Infused Tequila Recipe image This tropical tasting tequila infusion is fruity and flavorful. The pineapple and kiwi add sweetness with a touch of sour, making the infusion a great liquor to use in sours or margaritas.

Mojito Infused Rum Recipe

Mojito Infused Rum Recipe image Mojitos are a combination of tart lime and fresh mint combined with simple syrup and sparkling water over ice. By using a mojito-infused rum you can quickly serve up this refreshing cocktail any time!

Chocolate Mint Infused Vodka Recipe

Chocolate Mint Infused Vodka Recipe image I used the whipping siphon to quickly infuse fresh mint and rich cocoa nibs into vodka for a delightful drink. It is great in a martini and adds a lot of nuance to a White Russian.

Lemon Infused Vodka Recipe

Lemon Infused Vodka Recipe image Lemon infused vodka is a citrusy, flavorful drink and the base for limoncello. By using the whipping siphon to quickly extract the flavors from the lemon peels, the final product is a little less rounded but still so refreshing.

Nitrous Oaked Manhattan Infusion Recipe

Nitrous Oaked Manhattan Infusion Recipe image Nitrous oaking is a take on the barrel aging prepared cocktails process by utilizing the whipping siphon. The high pressures draw out the caramel flavors from the toasted oak chips and infuse them into the liquid.

Chocolate Pecan Infused Bourbon Recipe

Chocolate Pecan Infused Bourbon Recipe image This infusion pairs rich chocolate and nutty pecans in a bourbon that is robust and full of flavor. It's great served on the rocks but it also makes a mean Manhattan!

Grapefruit Bitters Infusion Recipe

Grapefruit Bitters Infusion Recipe image Grapefruit bitters are a versatile infusion that adds citrus notes as well as the classic aromatics. It provides a bright spark in martinis, mojitos and other drinks made of light spirits.

Barrel Aged Alaska Cocktail Infusion Recipe

Barrel Aged Alaska Cocktail Infusion Recipe image Barrel aging is the process that gives whiskey, dark rum, aged tequila and many types of wine their flavor. This barrel aged infusion recipe is for the Alaska Cocktail.

Bushmills Hot Toddy Infusion Recipe

Bushmills Hot Toddy Infusion Recipe image A hot toddy is a classic cold- and flu-killing drink consisting of hot water and whiskey flavored with lemon and cloves. This hot toddy infusion might not cure you of your sickness but it sure tastes great!

Moscow Mule Infused Vodka Recipe

Moscow Mule Infused Vodka Recipe image I like to take the ginger and lime flavors of the Moscow Mule and infuse them directly into the vodka for a spicy, citrusy infusion that can be mixed into cocktails or sipped as a flavored martini.

Dried Chile Pepper Tequila Infusion Recipe

Dried Chile Pepper Tequila Infusion Recipe image This tequila infusion takes on a spicy, fruity, smokey flavor of dried chile peppers; it's a great way to add complexity to different cocktails. I really like it in a paloma or Bloody Mary drink!

Blackberry Basil Infused Rum Recipe

Blackberry Basil Infused Rum Recipe image In this infusion the sweet and tart flavor of blackberries pairs wonderfully with the slightly spicy and herbal basil. It is a fruity, flavorful addition to many cocktails and is especially tasty in rum punch or as a liqueur.

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