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Mono and Diglycerides Oil Foam Recipes

Mono and Diglycerides Oil Foam Recipes Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Sea Bass with Microgreens and Mustard Oil

Mustard infused oil swordfish herb salad Sea bass is a light and flavorful fish whose taste can be easily overpowered. This recipe pairs it with a pungent mustard oil that really shines on a micro-greens salad with basil, radish, and tomato.

Chile Foam Crostini Recipe

Chile pepper oil foam This crostini recipe infuses the heat, smokiness and flavor of dried chiles into canola oil, which is then thickened into a foam. It is also a good topping for grilled meats or as a spicy spread for fresh bread. The process of infusing oil with flavors before thickening it leads to countless variations you can adapt to any dish.

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