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Top Sirloin

Information for Top Sirloin

Cut Ratings

Flavor 4 star rating
Tenderness 3 star rating
Value 2 star rating
Leanness 2 star rating

Typical Cooking Methods

Broil, Grill, Pan Fry

Other Names for Top Sirloin

Top butt steak, top sirloin cap steak, culotte steak

Good Substitutes for Top Sirloin

Flank steak, tri-tip steak, tri-tip roast, rump roast

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Description of Top Sirloin

The top sirloin is the most prized of the sirloin family of beef cuts. The sirloin is located between the short loin and the rump. It is cut from the region just below the tenderloin of the loin primal cut. It is less tender than the short loin but more tender than bottom sirloin. Top sirloin can be cut as a boneless roast or into boneless steaks. Certain cuts of top sirloin may include a small bone called the pin bone. Both are economical and yield a flavorful taste. They are considered to be one of the tastiest tender steaks.

The top sirloin is moderately tender. A top sirloin roast is versatile in that it can be cooked in almost any way. Top sirloin steaks are also versatile when it comes to cooking methods. They may me cooked as is, or marinated to produce a more tender steak or roast.

Top sirloin is a steak that is commonly found in a wide variety of restaurants and steakhouses. Since it is versatile when it comes to cooking methods, it is easy for casual family restaurants to prepare. Its combination of price and taste help make this steak a popular menu item.

Top sirloin is the cut of steak used in the popular Brazilian dish picanha. The top sirloin is skewered onto large metal skewers or swords and cooked over an open flame. This has become popular and many churrascarias (Brazilian steak houses) have now opened in the United States.

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