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Bitters Infusion

Bitters Infusion Recipes and Articles

How to Make Infusions for Gifts

Cover image square What better holiday gift than discovering how to make infusions to give as gifts! Here's a step by step look at creating infusions for oil, alcohol, vinegar, and bitters!

Classic Aromatic Bitters Infusion Recipe

Classic aromatic bitters sous vide ingredients Bitters add aromas to subtly tweak the flavors of cocktails. Classic aromatic bitters infusions have notes of cinnamon, clove, and cardamon while using several bittering agents to round out the flavors.

Mole Bitters Infusion Recipe

Mole sous vide bitters Using the spices present in many richly flavored, complex Mexican mole sauces in an infusion allows you to quickly add a deepness of flavor with smokey, spicy notes to any drink you want.

How to Use Infused Alcohols in Cocktails

Barrel aged alaska There are many ways you can use infused alcohols in cocktails. I highlight my favorite drinks drinks including tasting flights, classic cocktails, composed drinks and more!

Grapefruit Bitters Infusion Recipe

Grapefruit bitters dropper top Grapefruit bitters are a versatile infusion that adds citrus notes as well as the classic aromatics. It provides a bright spark in martinis, mojitos and other drinks made of light spirits.

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