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Sous Vide Top Round Roast

Sous Vide Top Round Roast Recipes and Articles

Top Round Salad with Watercress and Kale Recipe

Sous vide top round salad 30 Top round is a very lean but tough piece of meat that really shines with sous vide. After 1 to 2 days it turns very tender. As a definitely milder cut of meat, it can sometimes be on the dry side, so I like to pair it with a flavorful salad for a light summer meal. The peppery watercress combines with the earthy kale for a nuanced base salad that is brightened up with the lemon vinaigrette. Pomegranate seeds and berries add bursts of sweetness without overwhelming the taste of the steak.

131°F Sous Vide Top Round with Chimichurri and Tomato Salad Recipe

Sous vide 131 top round chimichurri sauce topish A good chimichurri is a perfect topping for steak, especially a more mild one like sous vide top round. I combined them with a light tomato salad, making this a perfect late summer meal.

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